DIAGNOSTICS is an important part of the modern motor vehicle.  Most people understand their vehicles have a check engine light and come on when there is a fault, but most people think it is as easy as plugging their vehicle into a scanner , checking the fault codes, replacing the faulty part and that's the end of it. In some cases this is true but the reality is fault codes are a guide line of where to start looking. Some faults can be very complex and require extensive diagnostics, research and information.

Fault codes can even lead you astray. a good example of this is a common fault  with a Honda Jazz with the check engine light on, engine misfire and a Crankshaft sensor fault code stored in most cases this fault is with the ignition coils.

At Burgess Automotive we have 7 different scanners and 3 oscilloscopes  so we can access and repair all makes  and models, some scanners work better  than others on different  vehicles.  The other important part of diagnostics is having access to the correct information and training to diagnose the fault correctly, this can be a costly exercise. Subscribing to on line information websites and together with on going training courses  keeps us up to date with the latest technology in the market place.