Air Conditioning

Here at Burgess Automotive we have trained air conditioning technicians and the equipment to offer a comprehensive automotive air conditioning service and repair program.  From HVAC and A/C diagnostic checks and servicing, through to component replacement and regassing.

A/C Repairs

Our qualified technicians can help with repairs for all your air conditioning faults on all makes and models.

A/C Servicing

It is important to keep your vehicles air conditioning serviced every 2-3 years to ensure correct operation and long life of your vehicles A/C system.  Regular servicing removes moisture from inside the system that if left can turn acidic and corrode the inside of the aluminium components causing unnecessary and expensive repairs. 

A/C Regassing

If your air conditioning is not getting cold enough on hot days, more often than not it can be resolved quickly and easily by regassing the air conditioning.  

Cabin Filter Replacements

Cabin filters are an important part of your heating and A/C systems, these filters get neglected and have a negative effect on the operation of your heating and A/C systems and can cause nasty smells in your car.

HVAC Diagnostics


Air conditioning problems can be both electrical or mechanical.  With our specialised equipment, our technicians can diagnose any fault you are experiencing with your HVAC system.

Courtesy Car

We offer courtesy cars and a after hours drop off and pickup service.  This service is subject to conditions and availability however is not available for WOF only appointments.  Please be aware of the loan car conditions and sign acceptance before use.